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The Florida Bridal Showcase is excited to announce our upcoming Beauty Seminars. Fill your two days with inspiration, education and community. Explore makeup workshops and network with your peers. The Beauty Seminars target professionals, amateurs and students alike from all over. 


The Beauty Seminars are specifically tailored to professionals and students. The classes emphasizes creativity and education through extensive hands-on workshops that are led by key makeup artist instructor such as Carmilia & bridal updo hair artist instructor Arianna Mendez. The brands and attendees benefit from the intensive one-on-one networking and career building environment the seminar creates.

The Beauty Seminars draws attendees working in or directly linked to the beauty industry from the worlds of fashion & beauty, film & television, theater, and product development. All attendees are professionals, amateurs & students working as makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, estheticians, and cosmetologists, as well as salon and spa owners. Employees & students are often sent to these seminars to learn hands-on how to use the new products and techniques. Beauty students can also attend the seminars, allowing them to make connections within the industry.

Bridal Make-Up Instructor Carmilia

With an eye for beauty and attention to details Carmilia joined the beauty industry at a very young age of 15. Later on becoming a beauty school instructor and a Master Educator. Carmilia believes in continual education and strives to stay at the forefront of her field with her knowledge of new products and services available in order to provide excellent service to her clientele. 


She stays updated on all the latest trends so that she can share her knowledge and experience with her students. Carmilia places high value on listening to her students, understanding their leaning needs and respecting their ideas and she strives for unlimited creativity! 

Currently she is a Makeup Artist Instructor at a well known beauty school. Carmilia is also the Fashion Show coordinator for our Florida Bridal Showcase. 

Bridal Updo Instructor Arianna Mendez

Master in hairstyling artistry and the Da Vinci of color and design, Arianna Mendez with over 8 years of experience as a hair stylist and a Master Beauty school instructor has paved the way for many student's prominent bright future in cosmetology. Arianna's fundamental knowledge and understanding for the demand of latest trends, has earned her the trust from many clients to be the preferred stylist when her soft fingers begin to create a master piece on their hair canvases. 


Not shy to pass her learning's down to her apprentices, Arianna will discuss key points in the profession, from selections of the best products to different techniques on enhancing The "wow effect" for your bridal hairstyles.

Currently she is a Master Hair Stylist Instructor at a well known beauty school is a bridal updo consultant for the Florida Bridal Showcase.

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