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Why Sponsor or Exhibit with us:

Market Diversity: 

Standout from competitors and reach consumers through this unique and interactive platform. 

Cost Effectiveness: 

The average cost per attendee interaction at an event is significantly lower than the cost of an average sales call. Event-qualified leads mean more clients, less time. 

Target Audience Concentration:

Showcase your business and boost your brand to the right targeted bridal consumer. 

Brand Equity: 

Put your company on display. Enhance your brand image and position & maximize awareness among our highly targeted bridal consumer base. 

Information on Brides-to-be:

Brides-to-be spend on average 140% more on women's products than area adults. 

Brides-to-be utilize and invest in a variety of financial services such as home mortgages (36% more on average) than area adults.

*Kane, Samantha "BRIDES Reveals Trends of Engaged American Couples with American Wedding Study", Market Wired, July 2014.

Florida Bridal Showcase Brides:

96% have a college education, with 20% earning a Master's or higher degreee. 

91% are employed, and 50% earn a household income of $40,000+. 

* This information was gathered from  the March and May 2016 Miami Bridal Showcase attendee registration information. 

One in five brides plan on making a large purchase - such as a new home, vehicle or electronics - in the next 12 months. 

79% of the Florida Bridal Showcase guests are 18-35 years old, and almost 70% of attendees were engaged

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